International Youth wing


An energetic mind and a dynamic thinking is what the need of the hour is and to fulfill this demand Vishwa Jagriti Mission developed The International Youth Wing. International Youth Wing was created to encourage the youth from all around the world, to join hands in helping the world free itself from the evil chains of child abuse, domestic violence; and other initiatives under Vishwa Jagriti Mission.

Over the years, youth wing has conducted many activities in and around India for the welfare of the society. Whether it is planting of trees or about donating blood; youth wing has stepped up and proved that with determination and hard work nothing is impossible. They did not back up when it was about donating blankets and clothes to the neediest, because one fine day they promised each other that no matter how big the issue may be, they would not back down under any circumstances.

This unstoppable crew aims at connecting people from all over the world and improves the living standard of humans everywhere. Join them, be a part of this creative group and contribute to the dream of a better world