His Holiness Sudhanshu Ji Maharaj

There are crests and troughs of multitudinous thoughts in the vast ocean of life in every era. Celestial and blessed souls have time-and-again incarnated in the form of Masters and have helped mankind sail over this deep ocean, tempering ferocious waves of doubts and ignorance in the boat of infinite knowledge.

His Holiness Shri Sudhānshu Ji Mahārāj is the divine idol of this era, who has mesmerized his devotees through his words and has captivated their minds through his dulcet voice. The sermons and bhajans by Him have an everlasting effect on the audience.

Mahārāj Shri, as his devotees fondly address him, has an extraordinary style of expressing a deep and profound truth in simple-yet-impactful words that is unparalleled.

His gentle smile, ever-giving nature, pleasing and attractive personality and practically implacable yet impactful and everlasting discourses have changed several lives for the better. Such is the magnetism and spiritual aura of Maharaj Shri.

His Holiness Shri Sudhānshu Ji Mahārāj descended on this earth to define the real meaning of religion; to awaken the powers lying dormant in human consciousness and to sound the bugle of human welfare.

During the course of his long and extensive journey he saw the rejected and dejected old people, orphans and the poor along with a very large majority of people leading a life of illusions and meaningless conventions. This touched him deeply and stirred in him an urge to bring a change and do something for the masses. He thought of serving them through awakening their consciousness and thus unlocking the most latent energy of their self-confidence. This thought of human service inspired Sudhanshuji Maharaj to establish Vishwa Jagriti Mission on 24th March 1991 in New Delhi. The motto was ‘Reconstruction of Indian society’ based on the best ideals of Indian culture.

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